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Services Description Electric Power Instalation Service in Surabaya-Electrical panel

Electrical Installation Services in Surabaya-Electrical Panels

In operations that require large power, for example requiring a voltage of 20KV with a power of 400KVA, this really requires several electrical panels to distribute voltage and power. Starting from the LVMDP Panel, MDP sub-station to SDP, another one is the Capacitor Bank. In Ins, in practice, a builder or contractor will carry out several electrical panel installations. Therefore, we, Altpon Sentra Elektrika, are here again to accept electrical installation services, especially panel installation. Electrical panels themselves have various dimensions and various models. The installation model that we offer is Standing Alone or Wall hanging. The following are the installation specifications that we offer

Our advantages:

Neat Installation, Full of Aesthetics
Strong Installation, Sturdy, No shaking
Fast Jobs
Modular installation
Always Listening to Customers
Orgonomic Installation Design
Providing free consultation for Electrical System Optimization

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