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Services Description MDP electrical Panel Fabrication Service

MDP Electrical Panel (Main Distribution Board) Usually used to distribute power from LVMDP to power loads which should be even smaller, but have not provided power directly to operational loads directly, you will have to go through SDP first. MDP is a collection of medium-sized MCCBs whose task is to distribute to smaller MCBs, namely SDP. Why need MDP? this plays a very important role for the need for Operations during maintenance. So that if there is a disturbance in one of the operational machines, it will not turn off the other operational power lines, just one MCCB in accordance with the electricity line of the machine being repaired. Following are our advantages in making MDP electrical panels.

Our Advantages:

´╗┐´╗┐Custom Work, According to the Customer's design
Materials such as plates etc., according to SNI standards
Powder coating
Electric components take well-known brands, at least SNI, IEE
Component Wiring Neat, Thorough and in accordance with its function
Guaranteed fabrication quality
Fast and Reliable Work
1 year warranty

We Provide:
1 year warranty
Free user manual consultation/training
Wall Mounting/ Bracket on the wall for free
Standing Mounting is provided free of charge
SLD and Wiring Images For Free

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